25 October 2023

NEW RECS Member: We welcome BlueSpark

RECS is pleased to welcome BlueSpark AG as a new member. BlueSpark AG introduces itself: 

BlueSpark AG is a boutique consulting firm with a focus on environmental products, to our esteemed community of pioneering organisations.Nestled beside the tranquil Lake Zurich, BlueSpark has established a reputation for excellence within the European Energy Market. Our seasoned team of Environmental Commodity Specialists is revered for delivering high reliability, swift responses, and unparalleled flexibility in delivering services. With a core competency in optimising energy portfolios for mid-voltage consumers, we have earned the trust of prominent energy suppliers, corporate energy consumers, and multinational renewable energy investors across Europe.

Key Points:

  1. Deep Regulatory Connections: Our robust relationships with national issuing and regulatory bodies not only give us and our clients a distinct advantage in navigating market complexities but also empower us to create pioneering solutions tailored to each client’s unique needs.
  2. Innovative Solutions & Policy Insights: We combine custom strategies with real-time policy insights to help our clients not just meet, but even exceed, their environmental and business objectives. Our forward-thinking approach allows our clients to stay ahead of market changes, offering both risk mitigation and access to new opportunities.
  3. Optimised Environmental Products Portfolio: Against the backdrop of surging demand, escalating value, and heightened volatility in environmental products, we excel in portfolio optimisation. Our expertise guides clients in adeptly navigating this complex landscape, achieving an optimal balance between environmental goals, investment, and risk profiles.
  4. Long-term Partnerships: We go beyond mere transactional interactions and are positioned precisely to be enduring partners in your journey towards decarbonisation. Through delivering excellent service, we drive sustained internal transformations focused on sustainability within your organisation, all while aiding in your long-term strategic positioning.
  5. Transparency through Wide Market Access: By cutting through the noise in the often enigmatic world of environmental products, we provide deep market access through well-established channels, including brokers, traders, exchanges, and auctions. This enables our clients to engage more deeply in the market with confidence.