15 July 2021

New Leadership for RECS International

Adam White has been appointed as the Secretary General of RECS International. Adam will take over as the public face of RECS International from Jared Braslawsky, the outgoing Secretary General, who will retain an important position within the organisation in the new role of Operational Manager.

Adam joined RECS International in 2018 as Director and has since successfully led several key projects for the organisation such as supporting the implementation of the RED-2, the updating of the European Standard for Guarantees of Origin, and the education of consumers on why and how to buy renewable energy.

“I am excited to have this opportunity to lead RECS International into a dynamic era of energy attribute certification, which will see innovations like full disclosure, monthly disclosure periods, and 24/7 matching, move towards the mainstream. There is a great deal of work to be done to ensure that all energy carriers are reliably certified in a way that supports effective sector coupling and helps to drive the whole energy transition. I am dedicated to RECS International’s mission of providing the knowledge, motivation, and confidence needed to buy 100% renewable energy,” said Adam.

Jared has been with RECS International since 2011, supporting market participants during a transitional period when energy attribute tracking went from being a niche aspect of energy markets to becoming the core tool for enabling consumer choice over the energy they use. During this time, Jared also established the International REC Standard Foundation (I-REC Standard) which took the lessons learnt from the European GO system and developed a scheme to allow all countries to certify and track energy attributes. By stepping back in his role at RECS International, Jared will be able to dedicate more time to the I-REC Standard.

“RECS International’s work of supporting market participants is hugely important to me, and I will continue to support it moving forward. As the I-REC market has grown in recent years so have the demands on my time as the Secretary General of the I-REC Standard Foundation. Until now, it has been possible for me to act as Secretary General for these sister organisations, but as this is no longer the case, I am happy to have someone as dedicated and competent as Adam to hand the reigns of RECS International too.”

Both Adam and Jared, as the Secretaries General of RECS International and the I-REC Standard respectively, look forward to welcoming you to the REC Market Meeting 2021, organized by RECS International with long-time support of the I-REC Standard Foundation.