05 October 2020

New EFET EECS Standard renewable energy Certificates Master Agreement

Following a thorough review process, the European Federation of Energy Traders (EFET) has successfully updated the EFET standard renewable energy Certificates Master Agreement. Based on the tried and tested approach and wording of the EECS MA released back in 2013, the language of the agreement has been expanded to cover various types of certificates, following the approach taken by the EFET standard PPA contract.

The main drivers for updating the MA were the inclusion of various national GOs, support certificate schemes, alignment with the EU Renewable Energy Directive (REDII), including treatment for facilities which receive support, and expansion of the EU GO regime under REDII to cover biogas and hydrogen.

The redrafting of the Master Agreement has been the work of the EFET members, the energy team at DLA Piper (headed by Andreas Gunst) and RECS International and its members. We thank our members for their valuable input.

The full letter by EFET can be read here.

For full text of the EECS Certificate Master Agreement (v. 1.1, September 2020), please refer to the EFET website here.