16 May 2013

National residual mix figures released for 2012

The residual mix calculation for 2012 has been released by the European project Reliable Disclosure Systems for Europe (Phase II).  The residual mix gives consumers increased insight into the origin  of their electricity consumption if they have not chosen a specific electricity product.  

This report represents the first residual mix calculation by RE-DISS II, the second phase of the Reliable Disclosure Systems for Europe Project. The residual mix report is designed in the same way as previous reports but has notable additions, including residual mix calculations for Iceland and Croatia – the former being a new entry to the Association of Issuing Bodies (AIB) and the latter an official applicant to the AIB.

The benefits of reliable residual mix calculation cannot be underestimated.  The drive of RECS International for increased information of consumer electricity purchases is helped in large part by projects such as this. RECS International is of the opinion that the residual mix is equally important for individual consumer carbon accounting as it is for meeting electricity supplier disclosure requirements.

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