08 September 2019

Mutual Recognition of GOs between the EU and third countries

In recent months RECS International has worked to establish a dialogue between the European Commission, the Swiss Government, RECS International and the AIB with the aim of ensuring a clear and effective process for the mutual recognition of GOs between EU Member States and third countries.

Article 19.11 of the recast Renewable Energy Directive states that “Member States shall not recognise guarantees of origins issued by a third country except where the Union has concluded an agreement with that third country on mutual recognition of guarantees of origin issued in the Union (…).”

RECS International is therefore working hard to ensure that the trade of GOs, particularly EECS GOs, can continue in the way it currently does. Following initial correspondence between the parties concerned, RECS International will facilitate a meeting to initiate more detailed discussions. The Secretariat will keep stakeholders up to date through this newsletter.