lock Legal Working Group

Following the emergence of legal issues surrounding the potential for VAT fraud linked to the trade in GOs and the possible categorisation of GOs as financial instruments, the RECS International board has decided to reconvene the Legal Working Group as a matter of urgency.

The group will seek to strengthen the work of the RECS International secretariat in a number of areas, such as standard agreements and contracts, evaluating the scope of MIFID & REMIT and effect on the market. The group will be supported by the RECS International secretariat, and there is an open invitation for members to join and participate through the newsletter and through other means. The main aim of the group would be the creation of legal documentation (contracts etc.) and clear advice (memos etc.) that will assist RECS International members with legal issues they may face. 

Please contact the secretariat for the initial start-up document explaining the goals of the group or to register. The secretariat can be contacted at secretariat@recs.org.