LEED accepts the Guarantee of Origin in Europe

2 July 2013

LEED has modified their Building Operations and Maintenance criteria with specific attention given to alternative compliance paths for European users.  The criteria now includes the ability to use EECS-GO Certificates for proof of renewable electricity consumption in Europe.

The United States Green Building Council (USGBC) has a new reference guide, released on July 1 2013, for their Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program.  The new reference guide contains a supplement for European compliance methods. This guide, while only applicable for the Building Operations and Maintenance certification program, could be extended to include other areas of certification from LEED, like New Construction and Major Renovations or Commercial Interiors.
The new Reference Guide for Green Building Operations and Maintenance can be downloaded via the link below.  Specifically, the new reference guide allows for ‘EA Credit 4 – On-site and Off-site Renewable Energy’ to obtain up to 6 LEED points for the consumption of renewable electricity.  Renewable electricity can now be purchased in Europe, according to the LEED criteria, via the purchase of specific EECS-Guarantees of Origin or the purchase of EKOenergy certified renewable electricity.
To download the new LEED Green Building Operations and Maintenance Reference Guide click hereSpecific information regarding the change to renewable energy purchases can be seen on pages 36-40 of the LEED Green Building Operations and Maintenance Reference Guide..