11 July 2017

Large renewable energy project in Gulf region backed by energy tracking certificates

Philip Lighting is taking large steps towards sourcing entirely renewable electricity for its global operations in order to meet their 100% renewables target by 2020. Philips, a leader in energy efficient lighting, will source renewable electricity from Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park in Dubai, using the International REC Standard.

RECS International applaudes the steps taken by Philips and other corporate end-users of electricity. The use of the I-REC Standard in Dubai provides a clear opportunity to push for demand-driven growth in renewable electricity. In a country where less than 2% of all the electricity production is renewable there is a large opportunity for business to push for growth in renewables globally. Robust energy tracking systems, like the I-REC Standard, provide the backbone for procuring renewables and we hope this will set an example for other large companies to follow suit and move the low carbon transition forward.  

See full press release here.