06 December 2012

Italian market brings in EECS-GO – ‘Naturally’ Phases out Co-fer and RECS certificates

On December 6th, 2012 a GSE representative presented at the RECS International GO Trading Seminar that the Italian GO will join the AIB-hub by the middle of 2013. This makes the Italian GO an EECS-GO.

Italian GO certificates will become AIB-hub attached by the middle of 2013. Because the GO will be internationally tradable via the EECS system there will be limited need for the RECS certificate. The GSE representative said that the ‘old’ RECS certificate did its job in the past years and can now be phased out in place of the EECS-GO certificates.

Starting on January 1st, 2013 – an official GSE communication to come – EECS-GO imports from the rest of continental Europe will be accepted by GSE. Cancelations of non-Italian EECS-GOs can only be made by suppliers for both green products and for disclosure. The allowance of exports of Italian GOs to continental Europe will likely happen by July, 2013. 

CO-FER certificates will be slowly phased out overtime. The GSE representative said there is a chance no CO-FERS will be issued in 2013.  

For the slides used by the GSE representative click here

For more information on the EECS-GO certificate, the RECS certificate or international GO trading please contact the secretariat at RECS International at secretariat@recs.org.