lock Initial data released for 2015 statistical analysis work

Members are invited to take a quick look at some of the statistical analysis work for the 2015 trading of GOs. 

The document can be downloaded via the following ‘wetransfer’ link, here, until 9 May 2016. According to the RECS International statistics total cancelled certificates surpassed total issuance for the first time in the 2015 year. RECS International received this statistical information on April 29 2016 through our cooperation with Grexel. We will do our best to review the information in the coming week or two and make announcements about the ‘findings’ from the data in June or July of this year.

We request that members use these initial findings for internal purposes and keep it confidential for external use until further notice.

If the link no longer allows for download please contact the secretariat for the document.