lock I-REC Standard for tracking electricity sent RECS International and AIB letter about Spanish GO system

The I-REC Standard has the aim of spreading the principles of energy attribute tracking systems, worldwide, to promote a consistent and verifiable product that enables a reliable and transparent consumer choice for renewable electricity.  RECS International has generally supported such market initiatives in their attempt to bring consumers improved information about their electricity products.

I-REC recently delivered RECS International, among others, a letter describing their intention to create a supplementary system in conjunction with the Spanish GO system, for use by traders to create a verifiable and reliable renewable electricity product in Spain. “ The combination of the Spanish-GO (as reliable tracking mechanism) and the I-REC (as additional instrument for reliable trading) will serve the expressed needs of the Spanish market players and consumers. We acknowledge that the I-REC must never be considered as an alternative to the Spanish GO certificate.”

The letter went on to acknowledge the roll of the AIB and the importance of EECS, “As I-REC we have a strong preference for the implementation of the EECS-GO standard managed by the AIB. Should the Spanish authorities implement the EECS-GO standard we believe that this would negate the need for I-REC in Spain and provide a solution to GO import-export transactions that are requested by some traders.”

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