Hungary hosts first non-EECS registry from Grexel

22 May 2014

The Hungarian Energy and Public Utility Regulatory Authority (MEKH) has decided to host the Hungarian national GO certificates in a registry provided by Grexel. The GOs are considered national Hungarian GOs as they do not adhere to the international electronic standard (EECS) held by the Association of Issuing Bodies. 

According to Grexel, Hungary is technically ready for EECS but is not connected to the AIB hub due to the fact that they are neither a member of the AIB nor non-member Hub user. Marko Lehtovaara, owner and founder of Grexel, commented on this further saying, “I have the feeling that Hungary is quite willing to become a member of the AIB, or at least get connected to the hub sooner or later”.
RECS International feels that this step towards a national GO is a step in the right direction, although, the sudden implementation likely came as a result of pressure from the European commission on the Hungarian government.  Hungary, as a member of the European Union, was forced by the 2001 renewables directive to implement a national GO system and until this recent action they had not met that requirement.  
This national GO system in Hungary is the bare-minimum that is necessary under the law. In the opinion of RECS International this is not enough to secure true transparency and reliability for Hungarian GOs.  Only when Hungary decides to change to the EECS system and implement open and trustworthy disclosure mechanisms will the Hungarian electricity consumer have the same level of consumer protection that has become the norm in other European member states.
The Grexel registry for Hungarian GOs is available for use in both English and Hungarian.  
To view Grexel's website click here; to view the Grexel CMO click here
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