10 March 2016

Green-e developing international renewable energy certificate program and standard

Green-e, a program of the nonprofit Center for Resource Solutions (CRS), has been working in the field of renewable energy certification and verification for nearly 20 years. Green-e’s primary focus has been to support transparent renewables purchasing for North American consumers. In an effort to expand access to consistent, credible, and impactful purchasing options throughout the world Green-e is working to develop the Green-e Energy International Standard.

CRS expects the release of the standard in late 2016 but will first conduct two open comment periods for stakeholders and market players to provide feedback.  Interested stakeholders are requested to go to the website www.green-e.org/international for more information and to sign up to receive updates on the development process.

At RECS International we believe that the Green-e standard will help support the growth in renewables consumption in Europe and around the world. As an electricity label Green-e has the opportunity to support the delivery of clear and trustworthy information about consumer’s electricity purchases. As a product verifier they are able to support that the information delivered, and the consumer claims being made based upon it, is reliable and transparent.

For more information about the developing Green-e International Renewable Energy Standard view their press release here

You can also contact the RECS International secretariat for more information on ways stakeholders can provide comments to the coming standard draft.