22 March 2013

Germany to join AIB-hub in 2013

An UBA representative at the RECS Market Meeting, Wednesday, March 21st in Berlin, said for the first time publically that the Germany Guarantee of Origin registry will join the AIB-hub in 2013.

While Germany will not become a full AIB member, RECS International believes that this is an advancement for standardization of the European Guarantee of Origin (GOs). 

The German system will only allow the cancelation of GOs to a supplier’s account.  This is a change from a number of other countries, however it was described by the UBA representative as being logical from the point of view of supplier disclosure rules.  In the opinion of UBA only an electricity supplier can deliver electricity and as such only they will be able to deliver the renewable attributes carried by  the Guarantee of Origin.

Germany market players will still be working hard towards a Guarantee of Origin certificate for all sources of electricity generation, renewable and non-renewable.  The UBA until this point will only issue certificates generated from renewable power stations.

For additional information about the Germany registry click here (Warning: German language)

Feel free to contact the RECS International secretariat for more information, secretariat@recs.org