12 September 2014

Flemish support system for domestic renewables compatible with EU law

The decision by Europe’s highest court in the case of Essent Belgium NV v Vlaamse Reguleringsinstantie voor de Elektriciteits- en Gasmarkt, better known as the ‘Essent Case’ was not surprising for those who followed the earlier Aland Vindkraft case (C-573/12) and ruling by the European Court of Justice.

The press release and ruling by the court, released on the 11th of September 2014, is the third time the court has disagreed with their own advocate generals in cases of renewable energy and the free movement of goods and services.

RECS International remains firm in its position that an efficient, effective European market for renewable energy is one that allows producers of mature renewables to implement these technologies based upon efficiency and not, necessarily, based upon national borders. For our part, RECS International will continue to advocate for demand-side support solutions where the consumer is part of the solution and an active participant in the future design of the electricity grid.

To read the final ruling click here

To read the court's press release click here