10 April 2014

European Retail Market Consultation required by April 17

The European Commission has released a consultation questionnaire on the Retail Energy Market.  RECS International has provided their draft response to the consultation due on April 17th.

the European Commission has recently started a public consultation on the retail electricity market. During the RECS Market Meeting 2014 in Dusseldorf we heard a clear message that the consumer should be given a strong voice, better information and more choice in their electricity products.  Much to the disappointment of the RECS Secretariat the retail energy market consultation by the European commission focused almost entirely on energy efficiency, smart metering, and Demand side management. 

We feel that the focus on the Guarantee of Origin and standardized disclosure rules has been overlooked.  With this in mind RECS International sent a request to the attendees of the RECS Market Meeting to inform the commission that, “Putting the consumer at the heart of the retail energy market means creating a harmonized disclosure regime as part of the internal market”.

With this in mind RECS International has created a draft Retail Energy Market response document that can be seen here.

If you or your organization would like to respond to the Retail Energy Market Consultation the questionnaire can be found here.