15 May 2014

European Residual Mix figures released for 2013

The Reliable Disclosure Systems for Europe (RE-DISS) project has released their 2013 residual mix calculations. The residual mix calculation provided by RE-DISS is of a high-quality and once again shows that Europe is on the forefront of consumer electricity information and the use of electricity tracking systems.

It should be noted that RE-DISS removed the disclaimer made in previous years which warned that the figures provided were not suitable for end-consumer use. The current disclaimer acknowledges that there may be data inconsistencies but mentions that the calculations were made based upon the best available information at the time and that updates or changes could take place in the future.

In light of these developments RECS International believes that particularly business end-consumers, whose total consumption is roughly 70% of Europe’s electricity production, can no longer only report the production mix for their carbon accounting figures.  A company using the production grid emission values to report Scope 2 carbon emissions to their stakeholders is only telling a partial truth.  For this reason both the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and the CDP support the use of residual mix calculations for carbon footprinting.

The RE-DISS 2013 residual mix can be downloaded here

The RE-DISS website can be seen here