lock EU documentation on RED II and stakeholder position documents

The draft version of the Renewable Energy Directive (REDII) has been in development since its initial release by the European Commission earlier this year. The document will need to be reviewed by the European Parliament as well as the European Council before a “trialogue” is started, a process to resolve disagreements between the European Council and the European Parliament. The European Commission is the mediator in this process.

In awaiting the final versions from the European Parliament and the European Council, RECS International members are encouraged to promote the principles of reliable attribute procurement and the support for consumer choice in the electricity market. In an effort to educate other members of RECS International, ECOHZ has shared a package of internal documents regarding the REDII developments.

The documentation regarding RED II can be accessed here

Please contact the secretariat with any additional (position) papers that can be added to this list or with any questions or concerns at secretariat@recs.org