09 January 2013

Dutch television programme features RECS-I; discusses cost-efficient EU target compliance

The television program Altijd Wat (Eng: Always Something) released a  short documentary regarding the Dutch renewable energy targets and the cost-efficiency of current national subsidy systems intended to meet those targets.  

The programme describes the intention of some groups to place wind turbines and solar panels in locations where the wind blows the hardest and the sun shines the strongest. This is seen as a way to increase the cost-efficient production of renewable electricity.  Current subsidy systems limit the growth of national renewable energy production and national subsidies to within one's own border, as a consequence renewable producers are forced to implement where there is the largest profitability and not necessary the most cost-efficiency.  To meet this goal a court case has been brought to the European Court of Justice which would allow national governments to meet their mandated renewable energy targets from across the border.  This could drive down costs by placing renewable electricity sites where the resource is the strongest and not where the subsidies are the highest.

To watch the programme in its entirety click here (warning for large portions the programme is in the Dutch language)