19 May 2014

Dutch railways will buy renewables for all consumption; RECS to speak at UIC event

The Dutch national railways Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS) has promised to have trains riding on 100-percent renewable electricity by 2018. NS represents roughly 1-percent of total Dutch electricity consumption. 

The NS has promised to purchase renewable electricity made from Wind.  They will specifically be focused on buying ‘new’ renewable electricity production with half of the production originating domestically and half of the production being supplied by the surrounding countries. NS will also use the direct-emission (end-of-pipe) calculation for their carbon accounting – attributing 0-CO2 emissions for electricity purchased from renewable production sources.

RECS International supports the right for a consumer to choose the type of electricity they wish to purchase.  However, RECS International feels that cost efficiency should also be a priority for public companies like railways/trains. By limiting electricity purchases to domestic and neighboring production there is the possibility that the consumer is limiting their ability to purchase European renewable electricity at a higher unit of renewable output per euro invested.  

RECS International will also be speaking at the Energy Efficiency Days held by the International Union of Railways (UIC) in Antwerp from June 16 – 19 and is looking forward to discuss topics like this with the attendees. One of the panelists at the UIC will be the NS.