06 June 2016

DG Energy release initial results from REDII consultation

In preparation for 2020 DG Energy released a consultation for the second Renewable Energy Directive (REDII) late last year. The first results from the consultation document have been released and are available online for public review.

With more than 600 individual replies to the consultation document, DG Energy representatives commented that there was significant time needed to review all the responses in detail. The European Commission released all responses here and created a summary of the responses that can be seen here. Uniquely, this consultation document asked specifically about ways in which, "the current GO system has been successful in providing consumers with information on the sources of electricity they consume". Out of the responses it was clear that a vast majority of responses were supportive of the GO system and recognized it as, "…an important factor to drive market demand for renewable energy by enabling consumer choice". 

RECS International's response to the consultation focused on promoting consumer choice in electricity products and strengthening the existing mechanisms that allow for that choice, primarily the guarantee of origin. RECS International is working with EU and national policy makers to determine how reporting on the national consumption of electricity – in addition to current reporting on national production – can best be implemented. It is the opinion of RECS International that reporting national consumption figures would better recognize the efforts of individual consumers. 

In addition to this work RECS International is a signatory on a joint communications document that is intended to provide clear steps for improvements in the GO tracking system around Europe.   

To view RECS International’s response to the REDII consultation click here