17 November 2016

DCCE authorized by Dubai Supreme Council of Energy to become I-REC Standard Issuer

On November 7 2016 the Dubai Supreme Council granted the Dubai Carbon Centre of Excellence (DCCE) the exclusive rights to document and issue RECs in the United Arab Emirates. The I-REC secretariat is working together with the I-REC Standard board and DCCE to ensure the I-REC Standard is implemented in the UAE in a reliable and transparent manner. Issuance is expected in early 2017. 

Renewables are cost effective in the UAE and through the implementation of an attribute tracking system the demand for RE can provide the necessary incentive to drive increased renewables generation in the country. RECS international is supportive of national governments adhering to international tracking standards such as that of the I-REC Standard or the EECS Standard held by the AIB in Europe. RECS International will cooperate with the I-REC Standard and ensure that implementation of the I-REC Standard meets the expectation of local and international market players and consumers.

See the I-REC Standard news item here, or contact the RECS International secretariat for more information: secretariat@recs.org