15 April 2013

Commission creates single market for green products initiative

A press release from the 9thof April 2013, “Environment: Helping companies and consumers navigate the green maze” was published on the EU commissions website. 

The purpose of the press release was to describe the proposal by the EU commission for a voluntary methodology that could be implemented by member states to reliably and comparably measure environmental performance across borders. The intention is to put together two methods of measurement, one being the Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) the other being the Organisational Environmental Footprint (OEF). These methodologies would be available for voluntary use by Member States, companies, private organizations and the financial community.

According to the Eurobarometer, 48% of European consumers are confused by the stream of environmental information they receive, and according to the, “Single Market  for Green Products Initiative” webpage, this could affect the consumer’s willingness to make green purchases.

The proper method for carbon accounting remains unclear especially for organisations with facilities in multiple member states.  For this reason RECS International is supportive of all initiatives that attempt to bring clarity and standardisation to carbon accounting principles across Europe. 


For more information view the press release here

Or the “Single Market  for Green Products Initiative” webpage here