24 October 2016

CNMC to commence issuance of EECS GOs in Spain

CNMC has long been the official issuing body for guarantees of origin in Spain and as of July 26 2016 these GOs were standardized according to the EECS regulations held by the Association of Issuing Bodies. On September 22nd the first exports from Spain took place via the AIB Hub.

While RECS International is enthusiastic that national issuing bodies are joining the EECS Standard we are disappointed with the level of standardization between the national implementations. RECS International does not believe that a reliable and efficient market should have the extreme limitations on imports, exports and market players as are implemented in Spain. Spanish implementation is a clear example of national protectionism and needs to be improved if we are to see a consumer-driven growth in renewable technologies in Spain.

The limitation that only Spanish electricity suppliers can import GOs and only Spanish production device owners can export GOs goes against the ideals of a single, interconnected European electricity market. These regulations will limit consumer choice, consumer impact on the electricity market and the ability to consume the electricity product of your choice.

RECS International is working to stop these limitations in the Spanish market and requests the support of all stakeholders involved. During our coming board meeting this will be a topic of conversation which is to be shared with the Association of Issuing Bodies during the Open Markets Committee in December. Please contact the RECS International (secretariat@recs.org) secretariat with any questions or concerns.

More information can be seen in the AIB Press Release from October 10 2016 seen here