01 February 2019

CertiQ recognises GOs from Great Britain

The Dutch GO issuer CertiQ will comply with a ruling from the provisional relief court of the Trade and Industry Appeals Tribunal in the Netherlands requiring it to recognise GOs from the United Kingdom. 

The ruling and the response of CertiQ is explained in detail here. CertiQ did not initially recognise UK GOs, known as REGOs, because the UK does not have any affiliation with the Association of Issuing Bodies. This means that REGOs are not subject to the same standards and requirements as GOs in the AIB registry. 

RECS International is pleased that CertiQ has committed to accepting the GOs from other EU member states but is critical of the REGO system more broadly. The REGO system, and its use primarily for domestic (UK) consumers has various problematic characteristics, as it does not require what is commonly considered to be foundational elements of an Energy Attribute Certificate (EAC) System. Cancellation on behalf of a consumer, for example, or cancellation statements as proof for attribute procurement are owned by a specific end-user are not possible with REGOs. The lack of this basic, but fundamental, element causes confusion and limits consumer’s use of renewable electricity in the country.

It is the hope of RECS International that the UK issuer OFGEM will work towards joining the AIB’s EECS Standard and ensure there is clarity for all end-users and market parties for REGOs in and outside of the UK.