02 November 2017

CertifHy: Next steps in tracking hydrogen

The Guarantee of Origin (GO) has proven to be a reliable tool for allocating (renewable) energy products. Thanks to the GO, electricity can be reliably allocated to individual users, giving the final consumer a choice in their electricity product. Increasingly stakeholders are looking to implement similar book-and-claim systems to other products distributed through a single network, such as hydrogen. HINICIO, ECN, GREXEL, LBST and TÜV SÜD are working together to bring a Europe-wide hydrogen GO scheme to the market. Following the initial phase the CertifHy project is now launching pilot projects across Europe.  

RECS International, as leading expert in the development and tracking of renewable electricity in Europe, is participating in these developments and will be keeping its members up to date on the results and process. Members of RECS International who have any questions or concerns regarding this are welcome to contact the secretariat. Stakeholders are also welcome to contact the working group organizers directly at: certifhy@hinicio.com.

CertifHy is also holding a meeting in Brussels to discuss the process on 20 November in Brussels. More information can be found here