15 March 2018

CertifHy: a GO for hydrogen open for stakeholder consultation

As energy attribute certificate markets are maturing, market players are now shifting their focus from tracking the origin of electricity to tracking other energy sources. The CertifHy project, undertaken by a consortium led by HINICIO, is bringing together a large group of stakeholders to jointly develop a GO scheme for hydrogen. 

The project defines the scheme’s governance, as well as its processes and procedures over the entire GO life cycle: from auditing hydrogen production plants, certification of Green or Low Carbon Hydrogen production batches, through issuing, trading to “usage” of GOs.

The CertifHy project is currently in its second phase of development, entailing an intensive stakeholder consultation in four Working Groups. RECS International is actively involved with the developments of the CertifHy project by contributing to Working Group 1 (the system-side of developing a GO for hydrogen) and Working Group 3 (the user side of a H-GO scheme).

To follow the developments of the CertifHy project, or to join the Working Groups, visit the CertifHy website