CEN/CENELEC vote to approve the final GO standard

10 July 2013

Eleven countries voted to approve the CEN/CENELEC Guarantee of Origin standard.

CEN/CENELEC took the initiative to work on a European standard for the Guarantee of Origin (GO) two years ago.  A Joint Working Group (JWG 2) was established with representatives of national standardization bodies and the AIB.  Members of RECS International from several countries participated in the working group. The result was a standard along the lines of the EECS standard of AIB.  At the end of the process members of CEN have to adopt the proposed standard; a voting procedure was finished recently.

RECS International is happy to hear that the voting was positive and we consider this as a step forwards in building a pan-European market for renewable energy.
Attached are the voting results: Voting Results   

For more information on the CEN process for the Guarantee of Origin click here