lock Call for members to join working group on new IT frameworks

As was discussed during the General Meeting on December 1st, RECS International will be starting a working group to discuss new IT frameworks, most notably blockchain. 

The working group will be a small group of 5-7 individuals tasked with writing a position paper on these developments. This position paper will be given to RECS International members for review. Following the formulation of the position paper the working group will be tasked with looking for ways in which to cooperate with ongoing blockchain and IT related initiatives.

As the working group will be small the secretariat is looking for individuals with experience in both the GO market and with an IT background. Please send your interest to participate in the working group directly to the secretariat at secretariat@recs.org. Please also shortly explain your motivation for joining the group and your history in working with IT, database or blockchain systems.

Please note that all members will have the opportunity to review all documents produced by this working group prior to formal publication.