05 October 2017

Call for abstracts REC Market Meeting 2018

In March 2018 RECS International will be organizing the 8th edition of the REC Market Meeting. RECS International welcomes abstracts from interested speakers.

RECS International welcomes abstracts from interested speakers regarding the following topics:

·         Energy attribute certificates for gas, hydro and heat
·         Developments in European legilsation
·         Blockchain and related technological improvements for tracking systems
·         Market impact and the role of additionality
·         Cap-and-trade developments around the world
·         The development of International standards
·         Developing markets around the world
·         Development of energy attribute certificate systems in China
·         Improving the ‘fuel’ for electric vehicles
·         Other issues related to the development of attribute tracking systems
·         Other issues related to consumer choice in the electricity market

Please adhere to the following in submitting your abstract:

–          400 words maximum
–          Submissions for product sales will not be priotized
–          Please state clearly:

o   the position of the intended speaker
o   the focus of the company or oganization
o   the relevance to the overall theme of the conference
o   the intended session to speak in, if relevant
o   if you intend to provide case-study based input, eg. from a client

Please send your abstracts before October 31 2017 to secretariat@recs.org or contact us for any questions.