Become a member of RECS International

RECS International is at the forefront of developments in renewable energy markets, as it has been for the past 20 years. Having worked since 2001 to improve and simplify the system of tracked energy RECS International has unmatched expertise in the issuance, trade and cancellation of renewable energy certificates. The political landscape has changed considerably over these decades and RECS International has worked hard to stay abreast of changes in attribute tracking systems by collaborating closely with its members and other partners and stakeholders. RECS International engages with legislators, policy-makers, regulators, and system operators to make the case that effective renewable energy markets can help to accelerate the energy transition and, thereby, make an important contribution to tackling climate change.

Apart from Members one-to-one support from the secretariat, members can stay closely involved with the latest updates in these markets by:

  • participating in RECS International General Meetings;
  • commenting on and discussing the work programme of RECS International, budget, annual report, and general direction of RECS International
  • joining the various working groups that review draft documents and reports, such as those on blockchain developments and full disclosure
  • attending our members-only events, seminars, expert panels, discussions
  • providing input via surveys

For more information on becoming a RECS International member, please contact the secretariat at