26 November 2014

Association of Issuing Bodies and CEER among 10 organizations calling for anti-VAT-fraud measures

A press release from Eurelectric pushes for a comprehensive implementation of the EU anti-VAT-fraud package by all 28 EU Member States. 

Joining in on this call for action were the AIB, EACH, EFET, ENTSO-E, CEER, Eurelectric, Eurogas, Europex, gie and Leba. 

The press release makes the claim that, "At present, only six EU Member States have transposed this set of legal measures into national law: Austria, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Romania and the United Kingdom. Hence, 22 EU Member States remain unprotected while law enforcement agencies have repeatedly reported signs of a major penetration of the gas and electricity markets by VAT fraudsters."

RECS International supports all measures to increase the credibility, reliability and robustness of electric and gas trading platforms and mechanisms.  It is our hope that the other 22 Member States will join the others by transposing the anti-VAT fraud package into their national legislation.

For more information you can download the press release here