22 June 2015

AIB releases reflection paper on the upcoming RES Directive

The Association of Issuing Bodies (AIB) released a paper titled, “AIB Reflection Paper on the Forthcoming RES Directive”. The 18-page document explains the AIB’s view on the future of the guarantee of origin and the necessary policy improvements to ensure a reliable electricity tracking system.

In the paper the AIB details a number of legislative improvements which would increase the effectiveness of the GO, improve the quality of information given to the end-user and remove onerous administration behind proper disclosure regulation. Among other things they provide support for: Consumer disclosure information based only on GOs (including non-renewable), the official inclusion of radioactive waste and carbon attributes on the GO certificate, harmonized disclosure rules, clarity on the disclosure of supported electricity, the inclusion of quality labels and their support for reducing the residual mix by implementing full disclosure. The AIB writes, “Use of GOs for electricity disclosure should be mandatory and all produced electricity should automatically receive GOs”. This view of full disclosure is currently implemented in two European Member States and is supported by various initiative groups in others. The support of the AIB provides a helpful boost to these local initiatives and national governments.

For more information on this paper visit the press release here

Or download the paper directly here