09 February 2015

AIB releases 2014 statistics for EECS guarantees of origin

The Association of Issuing Bodies (AIB) has released the volumes of issuance, cancellation, export, import, transfer and expiry of European Energy Certificate System (EECS) standardized Guarantee of Origin (GO) certificates. 

Growth in the issuance and cancellation of GOs exceeded expectations in 2014. There was a 31% growth in cancellations from 2013 to 2014, resulting in more than 330-TWh of EECS standardized GO cancellations. At no time since its inception has the market grown so much.  

These statistics only include EECS standardized Guarantee of Origin certificates. When nuclear production is removed from the statistics 311-TWh of EECS-GOs were cancelled. Also excluded from these figures were certain forms of power generation (such as German FiT subsidized electricity) and non-EECS GO cancellations (such as the the UK REGO certificates).

At RECS International we are working on additional statistics to give members greater insight into the market for Guarantees of Origin. For more information contact the secretariat. 

For AIB statistics go to their website here.