30 May 2020

AIB invites participants to stakeholder consultation FastGO

The Association of Issuing Bodies (AIB) invites stakeholders to take part in a stakeholder consultation. The original letter can be seen below.

Dear stakeholder in an area related to guarantees of origin,

We invite you in a (third*) stakeholder consultation of the FaStGO project. We welcome your feedback on the FaStGO text proposal for a revised EN16325 standard on guarantees of origin.

The FaStGO project provides expert advice in a service to the European Commission DG ENER, and facilitates standardisation and a framework for guarantees of origin. Under task 2 the FaStGO project team developed a text proposal for a revision of the EN16325 standard for guarantees of origin (GOs). This proposal includes an expansion from GOs for electricity towards GOs for gas, hydrogen, heating and cooling, and aims to make the standard for the GO system more robust in general. A generic GO system for all energy carriers aims to facilitate sector coupling and energy carrier conversion. This text proposal is an input to CEN/CENELEC for the revision process of this standard.

We run a stakeholder consultation on this text proposal until 19th of June. We highly appreciate your feedback on this text proposal! Please find the text proposal for a revised EN16325 standard, explanatory note and consultation response template here.

This text proposal bases on challenges identified under task 1 of the FaStGO project, of which the reports are available here.

The FaStGO project team will collect the input to the consultation and consolidate it into a balanced argument, which it will use to advise CEN/CENELEC with further improvements of the text proposals for the EN16325 standard, and incorporate in a report for DG ENER of the European Commission.

Thank you very much for your contribution!

Best regards,

Katrien Verwimp
Project manager

Association of Issuing Bodies aisbl

(Final note: a webinar will be held with regards to the FaStGO project. More information can be found here).