06 December 2013

AIB approves Czech Republic GOs with preconditions; future removal from the hub remains possible

During the AIB general meeting the Domain Protocol for the Czech Republic was approved. The Czech Republic will not be eligible for export until approved disclosure regulation is in place. 

The AIB General Meeting has approved the Domain Protocol for OTE of the Czech Republic, on the condition that exports from the Czech Republic will not be permitted until disclosure legislation is in place.  Following a two-year period the approval of the Domain Protocol will be reviewed to ensure that the shortcomings of the national disclosure have either been rectified (or will then be rectified in the short to medium term). The AIB went on to say that it is only possible to rectify the current disclosure situation through the implementation of appropriate legislation.

This means that if the Czech Republic does not introduce adequate disclosure legislation within two years then the AIB retains the right to disconnect OTE from the Hub.  The AIB is committed to undertaking this action if it is necessary in order to protect the integrity of the European system.

OTE is technically ready to connect to the Hub subject to the amendments of some Hub software to prevent exports from the Czech Republic.  This will be completed in the short-term.

RECS International would like to make it clear to market parties that disconnection, if proper disclosure regulation is not in place, is a potential reality.  OTE will not permit ex-domain cancelations and currently only accepts the import of RES-GOs.

For more information please contact the RECS International secretariat.