17 February 2020

Advice to RECS International Members on CEN process

RECS International encourages their members to get involved in national standard setting for GO markets. 

As was highlighted in the previous RECS newsletter here, the Renewable Energy Directive II states that European Member States and their competent bodies must comply with the CEN – EN 16325 standard to ensure an accurate, reliable and fraud-resistant GO market.

It is important that this standard, the revision of which will be finalized around September 2021, does not conflict with the EECS Standard maintained by the Association of Issuing Bodies (AIB). Currently, over 23 countries adhere to the EECS Standard. The revision process has commenced, and CEN-CENELEC hosted a kick-off meeting on February 7th 2020 in Brussels.

RECS International Secretariat members joined this meeting, through the Belgian and Dutch National Committees, along with a number of RECS International Members. Further meetings are due to be held on the 9th of March and 17th of April 2020.

Five subgroups have also been established by CEN CENELEC as part of the revision process. They are:

  1. project team generic (applying to all energy carriers)
  2. project team electricity
  3. project team gaseous hydrocarbons, incl. biomethane
  4. project team hydrogen
  5. project team heating & cooling

We encourage all RECS International members to join their respective national committees and the relevant sub groups concerning the redraft of the CEN – EN 16325 standard, in order to be able to provide accurate information in the process of this revision. More information about CEN-CENELEC and how to join your national committee can be found here.