14 July 2021

EECS GO Standard Contract V2.2 published

RECS International has published the updated version of the Standard Contract for EECS GOs.

The Standard Contract for EECS GOs has been updated to Version 2.2. This version can be downloaded here.

Below are the points of updates that have been made (from V2.0 to both V2.1 and V2.2):

  • Correction in Section 2 to correctly request the trade identifier
  • Correction in Section 4 to correctly request the buyer’s registry details
  • Updates in Section 5.1 to the certificate details table:
    • The delivery date can now be a fixed date or the earliest and latest dates of delivery
    • The currency is no longer fixed to Euros and can be manually added by the user
    • More decimal places are now available in the certificate price field
  • Correction in Section 5.1 to the fields under the table to correctly request the minimum validity of certificates and their earmark
  • Update in Section 5.2 to fix a technical bug that blocked the countries being entered
  • Update in Section 5.3 to request any additional information on the production device, not only it’s capacity
  • Updates in Section 5.4 to offer fields on the type of support that may have been received and the commissioning date of the power plant
  • Update to Section 5.5 to expand the space available for any response
  • Update to Section 6.4 to correct the title to ‘Applicable EECS Registration Database’
  • Update to Section 11 to correct the title to ‘Representations and Warranties’
  • Update to Section 25 to expand the space available for any response.

RECS International members can download the Word version of the Standard Trade Agreement here.