19 November 2013

20-year RECs deal in US; 10-year GO deal in Europe

The US-based company, Becton, Dickinson and Company (BD) has signed a 20-year REC deal with a 75MW installed capacity wind farm in Nebraska (USA).

BD will use 30MW of the generation to account for two manufacturing facilities located in Nebraska.  BD is best know for the manufacturing of medical equipment and has strong 2015 sustainability goals which encompass its use of renewable energy.

This follows a 10-year GO deal made by Google to power their Finnish data center with Swedish electricity. 

RECS International sees these deals as recognition that electricity tracking systems are well accepted by the consumer. We as market players must work with (inter)national policymakers and third-party standard setters to protect the consumer’s choice in electricity product.

More information about the BD 20-year RECs deal click here

More information about Google’s 10-year GO deal click here