15 July 2014

12-Large companies request renewable marketplace improvements in recent WWF report

Facebook, Walmart, HP, Mars, GM and Intel, among others, request six improvements to the current U.S. renewable energy marketplace in a recent report published by WWF. 

The report, “Corporate Renewable Energy Buyers’ Principles: Increasing Access to Renewable Energy”, claims that sixty percent of the largest US businesses have set public goals to increase their use of renewable energy. In order to improve their access to renewable energy procurement options the WWF report, available via the link above, makes six suggested improvements.  These include: Greater choice in renewable energy procurement options, access to longer-term fixed-price renewable energy, access to new or local projects and opportunities to work with the (utilities) suppliers and regulators to expand renewable energy buying choices.

The report ends with a basic message, “To meet our public goals, we need renewable energy for both new and existing operations.“