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Pact Capital is taking your business from carbon positive to climate positive.

Pact Capital AG – based in Geneva, Switzerland – is a project developer company primarily focusing on renewable energy and energy efficiency solutions. Our projects span various geographical regions, from South America through Europe and Africa to Asia creating energy attribute certificates or carbon credits. Our team is comprised of professionals with extensive experience in evaluating project opportunities, considering both environmental and financial aspects as well as in trading with different types of environmental commodities. We constantly seek new and innovative technologies that enable profitable emission reductions. At Pact Capital, we firmly believe in the importance of effective environmental markets, consequently, we are active participants both in the markets of energy attribute certificates, carbon credits and allowances. Our team not only trades environmental commodities but also offers carbon footprint calculations while prioritizing internal emission mitigation opportunities of our clients.

At Pact Capital, we aspire to foster transparent and effective environmental markets. We believe that this goal can best be achieved through collaboration among various market participants. Given the significant transformations currently taking place in energy markets, we believe that information sharing, and cooperation are more crucial than ever. Our aim is to combine our efforts with those of our industry colleagues to combat the adverse effects of climate change effectively.

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