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Nvalue Environmental Energy

Nvalue is a provider of market-based sustainability solutions with over 15 years of experience. We provide the most appropriate instruments to allow businesses, energy distribution companies and producers to achieve their environmental goals in terms of renewable energy consumption and valorisation, carbon offsetting and carbon neutralization. We dispose of a broad portfolio of products, such as Energy Attribute Certificates for evidencing renewable energy consumption (both electricity and gas), energy efficiency certificates and voluntary carbon emission reduction units. We are active all over Europe from our offices in Lucerne, Lugano, Amsterdam, Genova and Varna. Moreover, we collaborate with a global network of reliable and trustworthy partners and we are a member of key industry organizations, such as IETA, RECs International, Carbon Disclosure Project, QuiEstVert, ECS Schweiz, and many more. We are also a balance responsible party (BRP) in several European countries: we are active in the cross-border exchange of electricity and in the financial regulated power markets (EEX).


Dania Piccioli