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Grexel exists to enable green economy. We do this by spreading best practices and improving the market infrastructure with our registry solutions. Our team’s decades of experience have been used by several customers to create better domain protocols and disclosure regulation.

We improve the market infrastructure through our core offering, registries for Energy Certificates. Our offering has expanded from transaction processing and advisory into providing market actors places to meet in the form of Auctions. This marketplace aspect was further strengthened through Grexel joining EEX Group in the beginning of 2019.

Currently, Grexel Certificate Registries are in use in 16 countries. Registries for power, biogas, hydrogen as well as heating and cooling Guarantees of Origin are run on our platforms today. We also host a voluntary carbon removal certificate registry.

Grexel employs around 40 professionals in Helsinki, Tallinn and Chennai.

Our annual turnover in 2022 was roughly 2,7 million euros. Grexel is a proud Microsoft certified partner and became certified with ISO 27001, the best-known standard providing requirements for an information security management system, in 2016.

Main contact

Markus Klimscheffskij

Other contacts

Laura Malinen
Martin Aalto