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Global Factor is an international group, specialised in providing original, innovative, and global solutions in areas such as environmental markets, climate change, energy, or sustainability.

At Global Factor, we firmly believe that climate neutrality and resilience can be achieved by transforming ideas into actions that accompany the energy and climate transition to ensure a more prosperous, sustainable, and fair world.

2024 marks our 20th anniversary. Over the past two decades, we have grown, learned, celebrated, and innovated. We are ready to take on new challenges and continue to build a more resilient future.

Our work method is based on offering specialised knowledge with a profound vision of the client through a global approach. To do this, we have an extensive international network of offices and team members which continues to grow! Our own career path and experiences are based on constant innovation. This helps us to guide our services, combining academic knowledge, technology, and practical experience.

We are leaders in information and structuring operations focused on our clients’ needs. We provide information, knowledge, and access to the carbon allowances market, guarantees of origin, and voluntary carbon markets.

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IƱigo Laguna