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Fundación ECSIM is the I-REC local issuer in Colombia, accredited by the International Tracking Standard (I-TRACK) and Evident to register devices and issue their I-REC for Electricity. Members of RECS Energy Certificate Association from the year 2023.

ECSIM is a non-profit entity directed by a group of researchers committed to building more humane, developed, integrated and peaceful societies. ECSIM carries out consultancy and social, economic and financial studies, with high quality standards, which contribute to the design of public policies, increased competitiveness and a better understanding of the determinants of social, economic and business development.

ECSIM has completed more than 100 projects in different areas for public and private organizations such as DNP, UPME, World Bank, IDB, EPM, Chambers of Commerce, Municipalities and Departments, among others.

Main contact

Edison Giraldo