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Falck Next Energy S.r.l. is a skilled team based in Milan who work in partnership with companies who generate renewable energy.

The goal of Falck Next Energy is to help the clients optimise their revenues with competitive and customised energy and asset management solutions which provide a more efficient use of the available infrastructure and resources.

Falck Next Energy offer long and short-term contracts (Power Purchase Agreements), portfolio-management services, market advisory services, power trading and support with obtaining energy and environmental certificates (GO/REGO/ROC certificates). Additionally, we provide ancillary services to the TSO (Grid) with battery energy storage systems, and in Italy we develop advanced demand-management solutions (BSP/flexibility).

The Falck Renewables group

Falck Renewables is an international operator in the field of renewable energy, operating in the development, design, creation and management of systems for production of clean energy, in Europe and the US. Falck Renewables provides highly specialised energy-management services, both for producers and consumers, harnessing its experience also for the technical and administrative management of third-party plants the world over.

Being part of a large, international Group means being able to count on the strength and experience of an organization offering services in over 40 countries, with 1.385 MW of installed power, 4.100 MW managed, 2.813 GWh generated in 2021, and 537,071 tons of CO2 emissions avoided in 2020.

The Falck Renewables plants: link

Sustainability at the core

Sustainability is central to the identity of Falck Renewables and is strongly integrated into company plans and processes. It defines the scope for establishing strategic approaches and implementing actions. The Group’s capacity to evolve and anticipate changes in the global energy scenario establish it as an enabler of solutions for energy sustainability, offering customers multi-disciplinary skills, proven through the daily management of generation plants. All of this is focused on capturing the opportunities provided by the energy transition, the intersection of renewable generation, electrification, and reduced and more flexible consumption, all necessary elements in order to achieve carbon and climate neutrality.

The Falck Renewables Sustainability Report 2021: link


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