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EKI Energy Services Ltd. (EKI), erstwhile EnKing International in the climate sector globally, is a leading Carbon Credit Developer & Supplier across the globe. The company is listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE).

EKI is 14+ years old and is global market leader with its deep expertise. The company works in the realm of climate change, carbon offset solutions and carbon asset management. The company is today present in 16+ countries and has 3000+ clients across 40+ countries worldwide. As on date, EKI has supplied over 180+ million offsets.

Founded in 2008, EKI has been passionately working towards rehabilitating the planet to a future of net-zero carbon emissions. The company offers sustainable solutions for climate change and carbon offsets with global standards like CDM, VCS, Gold Standard, GCC, IREC, TIGR and others.

With an aim to contribute to the development of a climate resilient global economy, the company offers strategic solutions to businesses and organizations globally to achieve their climate ambition. EKI offerings span across Carbon Credit/Asset Management, Carbon Credit Generation, Carbon Credit Supply, Carbon Credit Offsetting, Carbon Footprint Management, Sustainability Audits, as well as Carbon Neutrality and Climate Positive initiatives.

The company also specialises in driving community based projects like green cooking for efficient cook stoves in rural homes and nature inspired solutions (NBS) for climate action.


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