logo of EKOenergy


EKOenergy is an internationally recognised non-profit ecolabel that is used by energy consumers to communicate their commitment to renewable energy. EKOenergy users can showcase the EKOenergy logo in their communications and on their products.

EKOenergy is dedicated to promoting the use of renewable energy and functions in existing market mechanisms. The ecolabel is a mark of quality to highlight the most eco-friendly options currently available in the given market circumstances. The ecolabel adds an extra layer to RECs, regardless of purchasing method. EKOenergy’s criteria are based on consultations with many market players, environmental NGOs, and other initiatives.

When EKOenergy was launched as an international ecolabel in 2013, tracking renewable electricity was still a relatively new phenomenon in many parts of the world. Sharing information about using and reporting renewable electricity was the start of the fruitful cooperation between EKOenergy and the I-REC Standard, as well as the RECS Certificate Association.

This working principle has not changed: EKOenergy works to support consumers’ sustainability claims and amplifies their leadership efforts regarding renewable energy use. These make RECs a fundamental element of our work, and we’re happy to be an official member of RECS Certificate Association.


Steven Vanholme