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Blue Earth assists organizations in reducing their environmental impact and achieving Climate Neutral Goals (Net Zero) and is a one-stop shop with cutting-edge tools for achieving credible and transparent results on the path to zero CO2.

We also provide sustainability services which includes calculating Carbon footprints and helping organizations offsetting their emissions.

We also have a trading desk supplying carbon credits and renewable energy certificates from different Voluntary Markets (CTX- London, ACX-Singapore, IREC’s-Netherlands).

We offer investment plans to support the sustainability of the environment by products including energy efficient biomass based cookstove, biogas plants, etc.

We invest, manufacture, distribute and monitor community-based projects for improving the lives of the needy people who are using conventional cookstoves by replacing them with high efficient cookstoves which for free of cost. This will help them to use less fuel, less smoke and less cooking time.

We are a team of experienced people who try to bridge the gap between the Projects and Carbon Financing for them to sustain in the longer run as these projects require long term monetary support. We also invest in projects like renewables, afforestation, and reforestation activities etc to help them to claim Carbon Financing.

In a very short time span, our organization has left its footmark in the carbon markets and has very aggressive plans to make this market more transparent when it comes to trading of the credits or certificates. Plastic Credits which is a need for the growing world as processing the plastic waste has been an expensive aspect but we help these proponents to claim credits and EPRs so that these technologies can get some extra revenue source to sustain in the long run. We have our own running renewable assets which are contributing to the Net Zero economy. Our assets include Waste Heat Recovery Boiler, WindMill and Solar Power Plant.

We at Blueearth believe in sustainable growth of the economy where we collectively need to join hands to reach India’s target of Net Zero.


Harshit Agrawal