11 years ago

RES Targets Strategy meeting

The Secretariat of RECS International organizes a strategy meeting for experts, members of RECS International, Eurelectric and EFET.

To look for market-based support schemes for renewable energy we will first focus on the criteria for these possible support schemes. Having a better idea about the criteria we will discuss the possible solutions for these potentially market -based support mechanisms. Experts who are willing to contribute to the development of market-based support schemes are welcome. 

Tuesday, 21 May 2013 from 10.00 – 16.00
Location: BIP Brussels Info Place
Rue Royale 2-4
1000 Brussels

Both the EU Commission and the EU Council have expressed their desire to make the support mechanisms for renewable energy more market-based and more cost efficient. The cooperation mechanisms are introduced as policy instruments creating that cost efficiency. However, most Member States have not demonstrated much willingness to use the cooperation mechanisms currently available. It also seems unlikely that Member States will create their own cross border trading platforms. For these reasons RECS International wishes to work on this and come up with proposals for market-based and cost efficient solutions.

In the strategy meeting we propose a three-step approach. First we focus on the criteria for more market-based support criteria. You can think of questions like, how to stimulate more competition and consequently improve efficiency, how to stimulate innovation and new technologies, how to minimize market distortions, how to stimulate cross border trade and, for example, how to utilize the cooperation mechanisms. Having an overview of the criteria we will make an inventory of possible solutions. Lastly we will try to list the pros and cons of the solutions we have found.

The meeting is open for all experts of RECS International, Eurelectric and EFET. Non-members are also welcome if they want to contribute to the development of market-based solutions for stimulating renewable energy.